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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation during a Flood Loss in Wichita, KS

We often work with homeowners who after having spent time away from their home come back to find a huge mess on their hands such as above. A pipe broke on the g... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Wood Furniture in Wichita, KS

Experiencing a fire in your home can be terrifying, stressful and difficult to tackle. While insurance can cover the value of goods often time the sentimental v... READ MORE

Fire Restoration in Wichita, KS

This fire in Wichita, KS started in the kitchen due to the microwave. The soot and odor was so strongly stuck on the cabinets, walls and ceiling that the custom... READ MORE

Wax and Silicone Removal in Haysville Elderly Care Facility

This elderly care facility had after years of waxing and silicone treatment built up several layers which besides being unsightly was very difficult to get up. ... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning in Wichita School

This school in Wichita had many additions since it was first built but to the knowledge of the staff their duct work had never been cleaned. They were worried a... READ MORE

SERVPRO Finds a Way!

After a huge fire ravaged a Wichita, KS home it left a stinky greasy black residue on every wall, counter, piece of furniture and decoration. After a fire some ... READ MORE

Attic Mold Remediation in Wichita, KS

Many times water damages go untreated due to them going undetected. This attic in the Lakepoint neighborhood of Wichita, KS was found to have mold growing throu... READ MORE

Post Fire Structure Cleaning in Wichita, KS

Sometimes things come clean after your first pass. Sometimes it does't come clean after your 5th pass. For this master bathroom the soot that had settled after ... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Apartment in Wichita, KS

This apartment in Wichita, KS was heavily fire damaged throughout the apartment with soot covering the whole apartment and a pervasive pungent odor hanging in t... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Wichita, KS has a lot of Furniture

When this Wichita family woke to up their broken water heater flooded their basement. Not only that but having just moved into their new home they had many of t... READ MORE

Extreme Mold in Derby, KS Home.

When you walked down into the basement of this home what you see in the pictures above was state of the entire basement. Black mold nearly four feet up on every... READ MORE

Sewage Backup at Hotel in Wichita, KS

When a sewer backup hit this local Wichita hotel sewage was coming out of the bath tub drains and the toilet drains. It came out so quick that the damage affect... READ MORE

SERVPRO works with Banks on Abandoned Homes

This home had been vacant and left derelict for some time. Notice the mold growth up two feet from the floor. There was not a major water damage in this home bu... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita Keep's Business Open

This flooded cell phone store flooded Friday afternoon and our techs were out there setting up drying within an hour. We removed rubber base, drilled holes to s... READ MORE

Flooded Pawn Shop in Wichita, KS

Sump pump systems can fail even in Wichita businesses which is what happened here. Our technicians were able to make it out and mitigate the water damage quickl... READ MORE

Flooding brings Silt with it in Andover, KS

During renovations at this factory an outside water supply was broken spewing a deluge of water. As water came into the building it also picked up silt on the w... READ MORE

SERVPRO avoids Demolition in Wichita Home

In many of our before and after photos on this page there is an extreme difference between the photos due to demolition. While SERVPRO does perform a significan... READ MORE

SERVPRO quickly remediates house attic before it affects the sale of the home in Wichita, KS

This home was weeks from changing hands. A closing date was set, paperwork was being drawn up and everything was going well until the home inspector found some ... READ MORE

Vinyl Floor Planks get Water under them in Wichita, KS

This home in Wichita, KS unknowingly had an ongoing issue with the water line to their refrigerator. It was a slow enough leak that they were unaware that it wa... READ MORE

SERVPRO Cleans Duct Work for newly remodeled Wichita Home

When you get major remodeling work done on your home it can put a lot of duct and debris around your house, in your air and even in your duct work. When your HV... READ MORE

Mold Infestation in Attic Remediation in Wichita, KS

In this attic mold had grown all over the place and needed to be remediated immediately. The space between rafters was absolutely filled with mold growth. We in... READ MORE

Pipe Break in Wichita Business

This flood in a salon was caused by a pipe break in one of their manicure chairs overnight. When they arrived Saturday morning they found about two inches of st... READ MORE

Storm Damage brings Dirt into Wichita Basement

Storms in around here often cause problems with sump pumps failing to keep basements dry. When water comes into your home from outside it is considered a catego... READ MORE

Drying a Basement Flooded by Storms in Wichita, KS

When basements get flooded and we remove carpet/pad from homes there are typically many things still left to dry. In the before picture you can see 5 air movers... READ MORE

Floating Carpet in Wichita, KS Storm Damaged Basement

When water comes in due to rain it often comes up from cracks in the foundation and around the edges of the exterior walls. This is most common when sump pumps ... READ MORE

Air Duct Cleaning in Wichita, KS

The before picture of the duct work in Wichita, KS looks quite dreamy and almost like abstract art. It becomes much less pleasant when you realize it is a huge ... READ MORE