Photo Gallery

20 year old dehumidifier

Blast to the Past

Our first dehumidifier the “EBAC BD 80 XE” from 20 years ago. Our current dehumidifiers still do the same trick but are now much more compact and efficient. Our current dehumidifiers pump out twice the drying for half the weight and electrical usage. SERVPRO is constantly adapting and growing with new technology and techniques. Give SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita a call if you’re experiencing water, fire or mold damage (316) 684-6700.  

SERVPRO crew at woofstock under tent

Woofstock 2021

SERVPRO loves getting involved with the local Wichita events. Woofstock has been an amazing event throughout the years to raise money and awareness for the Kansas Humane Society and were celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year. SERVPRO’s office dogs were also hanging with us at our booth all day, Zoey(pictured) and Cash (not pictured) love sniffing all the smells and getting all the snuggles.

employees standing in front of a servpro van

The Team Behind The Green

The SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita is growing every day. Our team is now 10 people strong, and we are currently looking to hire more technicians and marketing representatives. The amazing part of being part of a local franchise is that not only do your co-workers feel like family, but you are also connected to a much bigger family chain of other franchises and corporate. If you are interested in joining our team, please check out our Careers tab.

SERVPRO of northeast Wichita at a community event

Picklepalooza 2021

Picklepalooza 2021 was an amazing fundraising event for Senior Services, with three days of pickleball play! SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita sponsored a court and came out to support the many programs that Senior Services offers and had a team on the court playing for the gold! Patrick the Lucky Leprechaun was out and about at Chicken and Pickle during the event. We love supporting our local Wichita community and can't wait to see where Patrick the Leprechaun pops up next! 

office in wichita ks

Come On In!

SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita is located at 3225 S. Oliver in Wichita, KS. You can always reach us by phone 24/7 but from 8-5pm we are available in the office too. Our office recently got a makeover, and we are loving the new touches.  

rain gauge in yard

Wichita Rain and SERVPRO

Wichita rain can be no joke, one of the number one reason for house flood is a failed sump pump. SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita is available 24/7/365 for all your Emergency Service needs. We handle water extraction and drying to get you back to your preloss conditions. (316) 684-6700.

large stack of air movers

Commercial Restoration? We Do That!

We have over 300 air movers in our warehouse and access to even more equipment through the national network of over 1,700 SERVPRO Franchises so no job is too big! We use advanced drying equipment and techniques. Give us a call at (316) 684-6700 with any questions!  

Before and After of soot on figurine

The Before and After of Soot Cleanup on a figurine from a Wichita House Fire

After a house fire, this figurine had smoke and soot damage.  The team at SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita was able to professionally clean the figurine that held sentimental value to the customer and remove the soot. Contact us for your fire restoration emergency at (316) 684-6700 

Wooden Vaults

SERVPRO Wooden Vault Storage

Here at SERVPRO we use wooden vaults to store customers belongings while they wait for their home to be restored. After fire, smoke, or water damage we clean and deodorize the items and store them using a barcode system. Each item is assigned a barcode and scanned into our system so if a particular item is ever needed from our vault during the restoration process, we will know exactly which vault it is located in and can get it to the customer in a timely manner. Each vault is cleaned between usage and kept in our climate controlled and preventative pest control sprayed warehouse.

holes in toe kick

How We Speed Up The Drying Process

In some situations we drill holes in the toe kick in order to dry underneath the cabinet. At this job the tile was removed along with the cement board underneath because we needed to dry the subfloor which you can see is wet. We try to dry things in place but in this instance the subfloor was not responding to our attempts.

Mold growth in a closet 4 feet high.

Mold Growth in Vacant Derby, KS Home

When a house stays vacant for extended periods of time serious problems can arise. Often vacant homes have utilities cut so the sump pump stops working, a storm comes in and the house isn't checked for weeks. This is the perfect recipe for large mold growth like you see in this picture. In this closet the mold growth was the thickest but throughout the basement mold grew 4 foot up the walls after a heavy rainstorm left the basement carpet soggy throughout. With no water mitigation the water ran up the drywall mold took hold and the high humidity allowed it to stay. Fortunately at SERVPRO we know how to handle this kind of mess and were able to bring the house to a safe livable conditions while minimizing the damage and cost of the project. 

SERVPRO Technician wearing full PPE to a Jobsite

SERVPRO technician in Full PPE for hazardous job.

Sometimes the jobs we do can be pretty hazardous and require serious protection. Our technicians have access to all the personal protective equipment or PPE that they need to get the job done safely and correctly!

A filter before and after a duct cleaning.

What a filter looks like before and after a duct cleaning in Wichita, KS

We do a lot of duct cleanings around Wichita and the other day we were switching out the filter in our duct cleaning machine thought the difference would make for a great picture. This is a great example of how much dust, debris and particulates our duct cleaning process captures.

A SERVPRO Air Scrubber is ducted in to an attic in order to create negative pressure.

Attic Mold Remediation in Wichita, KS

In this home some issues with the roofing allowed water to get past the shingles and onto the decking. After getting wet over and over again for possibly months a large amount of microbial growth had occurred throughout the attic. In order to treat this we set up containment in the attic and set-up our air filtration machine to suck air out of the contained attic, filter it and blow out the clean air safely into the garage. This put the attic under negative pressure and insured that mold would not spread from the attic into the rest of the home. 

A series of water section hoses inserted into the sub floor for drying.

SERVPRO Uses Advanced Technology to Dry Your Home

The goal of every restoration project is to save as much as possible. That is why we are always looking to use the newest and most advanced techniques and technology to dry water damages as quick and efficiently as possible. In this example a pipe break on the main level soaked through the subfloor and onto the drywall ceiling in the basement collapsing the ceiling. The main level had beautiful tile which we were determined to dry in place. Using Infrared Drying plates on top of the tile, and suction hoses inserted into holes we drilled in the subfloor, we dried the floor out without having to remove a thing. This method allows you confidence that when we dry your ceramic tile floors that they are dry.

An operating room where the sprinkler system went off

Sprinkler System Malfunction in Wichita, KS

One thing movies never get right is sprinkler systems. Typically when they go off the water quality would not make you want to stick your tongue out. Here you can see that illustrated clearly. The operating room floor is grey but water that came out of the sprinklers stained it black in places. 

When we got the call we extracted all the water, cleaned and sanitized all the surfaces including the floor. The stain and soil was no match for our product SERVPROXIDE.

A SERVPRO van filled and ready to tackle storm damage.

We Are Ready to Tackle Wichita Flood Damage.

Storms are approaching as spring begins in earnest and SERVPRO is ready to help. We are well equipped to help Wichita and the surrounding areas when storm water threatens your home. Even when we are stretched thin we are able to call for help from SERVPRO's around the US. We are Ready for Whatever Happens.

The walls in a basement have been cut 2 feet up.

Flood Cuts Due to Rains in Unoccupied Home, Wichita, KS

Normally we are able to save and dry building materials like drywall after a flood. However sometimes, like in the instance pictured, the drywall has taken too much damage or there are sanitation concerns in which case we will flood cut walls 24 inches up. 

A kitchen where the ceiling has collapsed due to a broken pipe

Broken Pipe in Derby, KS

This photo offers a strong argument for turning the water off to your home when you leave for vacation. The family left for an extended weekend and when they came home found that the water from a broken pipe ran for several days affecting the top floor, the ground level and their basement. Pictured here is the kitchen where the ceiling collapsed and a lot of the texture from the ceiling covered counter tops. Our technicians responded the same day and began work to make it "Like it never even happened."

A stack of boxes with the SERVPRO logo and Barcodes

SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita Uses Technology to Organize your Possessions

Sometimes a fire in a Wichita, KS home is so bad that it requires us to pack out all of the belongings and bring them back to our shop to clean and deodorize. In order to ensure protection and organization of your item we photograph every item that goes into a box and then scan those pictures onto a barcode. This allows us to see where every item is and what stage of the cleaning process it is in. All that information is available to you through our online portal.

A ceiling collapsed from rain water has grown mold

Water Damage in Vacant Home in Derby, KS leads to Mold Growth

This home had been left vacant several months and in that time damage to the roof from a storm allowed massive leaks which weigh down the drywall so much in some areas it collapsed. In other areas mold grew. Extensive demo, mold remediation and water restoration were needed and luckily we can help with all of that. 

A dentists office where we laid out SERVPRO walking path

Business Continues Despite Water Damage to Wichita Business

This local Dentist office experienced a water damage that required their vinyl floor be removed and the floor underneath was quite sticky and unpleasant. They wanted to keep seeing patients and fortunately we were able to put down protective coverings to help keep business running while also drying down the affected areas. Just another way SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita focuses on the details of our customers losses. 

A kitchen island is covered by collapsed drywall and insulation after a fire

The effects of Fire in Wichita, KS Home

Often the first image that comes to mind for fire damage is the scorched and charred remnants of the conflagrations wrath. While those are the main components of fire restoration water damage and possible mold growth are secondary concerns which, if not checked, can become a huge issue. In the picture the drywall collapsed due to the water used to put out the fire. Which in turn dropped sooty odorous insulation throughout the kitchen. 

A measuring tape is pushed into the water showing the water to be nearly 2 feet high

Wichita Crawlspace fills up with Water after a Storm

Sometimes a basement or crawlspace which has never had any water issues even during huge downpours can suddenly have water issues. This crawlspace has never had any issues before but the homeowner had recently made major changes in they're yard without taking into account the change in drainage. the result is 2 feet of water in their crawlspace.

All the tools our technicians use to investigate water damage.

Tools of the Trade

When we inspect a business or home after a water damage these are the tools we use to get the job done. Thermal cameras, carpet probe, thermal hygrometer, protimeter, GFCI detector, laser measure and of course a light and safety mask to stay safe. All these tools and more are employed by our technicians to ensure your water damage is handled to the highest standard.

A supply room where a water loss has occurred and extraction has begun.

Water Damage in Wichita Business

This business opened its doors for the day and found their back storage area absolutely covered in water from a broken pipe. Fortunately by the time they called SERVPRO and we arrived on the scene the water had not made it out to their showroom. Thanks to our fast acting technicians extraction work the front of business operations were not affected and the supply area was quickly dried out with little incident.

A SERVPRO Technician and our owner loads up for a water loss

SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita Loads up for Weekend Water Loss

When people in Wichita experience a water damage we jump into action even if its on the weekend. We know that a fast response for our customers means a quicker turn around on putting everything back together. Here we see our technician and owner loading up a wide variety of equipment into our trucks so that we can have all kinds of options available to help you fight your flood damage.

A pair of antique sugar cans next to each other where one has been cleaned and the other hasn't.

Content cleaning in process progress picture in Wichita, KS

One of our technicians was very proud of their work and wanted to share it on our website. In the photo the antique sugar can on the left has been cleaned and the can on the right has not yet been cleaned. The soot on these cans is very sticky and it will take multiple passes to make the can on the right shine like the one on the left but we get that work done!

brick wall with left half black and right half white after cleaning

Work in Progress for Fire Damaged Wall in Wichita, KS

This is a work in progress photo of a fire damaged wall. The soot here was crusted on from the high heat of the fire which took place here. It took a lot of elbow grease to get it off. The white side has had it removed and obviously there is more work to be done and even more once we get to a final clean! Exposing the white underneath the hardened black soot was pretty satisfying.

An air mover with an attachment which funnels air into the holes we have drilled in the wall

Cavity Drying in Wichta, KS

Some water damages require a different approach than your average job. In this example we needed to dry the cavity between walls without destroying the wall in front us. This is were our wide array of technology and expertise is a boon to our customers. We pulled off rubber cove base and drilled holes behind it. We then used the device seen in the picture to directly apply drying air to the cavity. The convenience of this approach means that after drying is completed we can simply glue the rubber cove base back on which minimizes both the bill and time to repair since the holes we drilled are covered by the cove base.

Wood Floor Restoration in Derby, KS

When this homeowner called us regarding their hardwood floor after a water damage. The planks in the floor had begun to cup and had an elevated moisture content.We employed this tenting method to dry the floor and the was able to save the floor by drying it in 3 days. These are the kind of out of the box solutions we employ to get customers results.

Factory Flood Brings Silt with it in Andover, KS

This factory had a pipe burst outside of their building but there was so much water that it ended up coming inside and it didn't come alone. It brought a lot of silt in with it from the outside. Our technicians used our power washing tools to clean up the mess before the end of the day that same day!

The Difference a Fire Door Makes!

This picture really illustrates how important being prepared for a disaster is but also how effective fire doors are. In the first pic with the door closed you can see some soot on top of the door but not much else damage. In the second photo you can see the devastation from a fire. Fire doors aren't always this effective but in this instance you can be sure that the owner of the building was glad they installed it!

Mold grows in home after delayed discovery of Water Damage in Wichita, KS

Summertime is a great time for taking time off and going on a vacation! Unfortunately many people come home from their R&R and find out that a pipe broke right after they left for a week. When we arrived on site a pipe in the ceiling of this home had broken pretty early and sprayed water collapsing the ceiling and soaking into the basement. Mold was growing on the ground and basement levels and as you can see it was so humid in the home that the ceiling fan began to melt. Luckily because we are experts at both water and mold damage we were able to take care of both problems and get them back to normal quickly. 

We're also Chemists!

SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita likes to be innovators in the restoration industry.  Part of that innovation is our partnership with the SERVPRO chemists!  SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita is part of a much larger SERVPRO family, and that affords us the ability to reach out to our wonderful restoration scientists.  There they've tested and accumulated recipes to take of just about every stain and smell one could imagine!  Runaway deer in the living room; there's a recipe.  Stinky sewer water on the walls; you better believe we have a remedy for that!  Stubborn smell form a fire; literally no match.  SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita has a wonderful team of professionals and technicians who have made the restoration process a SCIENCE!  

The Heat Cannon in ACTION, Wichita, KS

SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita is the ONLY restoration company in town that has this fantastic piece of equipment!  No, its not a laser, but it can eradicate mold and moisture in areas like your crawlspace.  Pumping temperatures as hot as 120 degrees, there's nothing that can hide from it!  Let the professionals like SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita handle your water and mold issues and you might see this BEAST in action.

2017 Woofstock with the Kansas Humane Society

We have been raising money and participating in the Kansas Humane Societies Woof stock for 4 years now and we are gearing up for 2017's Woofstock! 

Keep your calendars clear on October 7 from 9:30 -3:00 and come on down to the Sedgwick County Park where there will be music, food, fun and tons of dogs! It's great time for dog lovers and all the money goes to support he Kansas Humane Society which is completely privately funded and helps over 15,000 pets a year find forever homes! 

Wichita Crawlspace Mudders

Floods in your crawlspace can cause wood rot, odors and even mold growth. Besides that water left to ferment beneath your home becomes a hot bed of microbes which harbor all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Good thing for Wichita we aren't afraid to get dirty. This is what one of our technicians looked like after climbing out of such a crawlspace after having pumped out all the standing water we went in there after all remaining water with our hoses. Following that we dried the floor joists and set up a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from damaging the building materials in the crawlspace. 

Unsecured Structure in Wichita, KS

This is our crew working after hours to box up the contents of people whose apartments were left impossible to secure following a fire. We received the call after what was already a pretty tough day of work here at SERVPRO but everyone pitched in, including our owners, to safely pack, transport and store all the contents from 3 separate apartments in 3 separate vaults back at our building by the end of the evening.