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National First Responders Day

10/5/2023 (Permalink)

Picture of the Poster for the event Celebrating our First Responders!

SERVPRO does all kinds of disaster response from residential home fires to catastrophic storms which can devastate communities. In the process of doing that work we end up following behind first responders all the time and we see firsthand the incredible work they do for communities across America. That’s why we work to raise money, awareness, and gratitude for our first responders because their sacrifice makes America what it is.

National First Responders Day

Last year we heard about National First Responders Day which is on October 28th and we thought it would be great if we put together an event where the community could show our gratitude to first responders from around the Wichita area. So that is what we did! With the help of 26 other businesses we were able to raise money, resources and put together over 200+ hot lunches for first responders around Wichita.

We set-up a drive thru where Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, EMS and others could come by and get a free hot meal prepared by our volunteers. Many stayed for a while and shared experiences they have had while working. Here is a link to our Facebook live stream of last years event where you can watch all the great time we had.

This Years Event

This will be our second year doing this event. We have gathered many more business partners than last year and are looking to serve some awesome homemade BBQ to any first responders who want a delicious meal. This year October 28th falls on Saturday and we will be setting up our drive thru in the Central Christian Church parking lot at 2900 N Rock Rd. from 11:00AM to 2:00 PM.

Reach out to us at 316-684-6700 if you would like to sponsor or contribute this year!

Wichita SERVPRO Sends A Firefighter to the First Responder Bowl

11/19/2021 (Permalink)

Shawn Hayes of the Wichita Fire Department Shawn Hayes of the Wichita Fire Department was nominated by SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita and came in second place for the First Responder Bowl.

The SERVPRO First Responder Bowl is a national sponsorship that falls under our First Responder Program. Every year each SERVPRO franchise, which there are over 1,700 of in the U.S and Canada, are invited to nominate a First Responder that they believe has gone above and beyond in their line of duty. The First Responder that is chosen to win is flown out to Dallas, TX to watch the game and be honored at halftime.  

SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita nominated Fire Fighter Shawn Hayes of the Wichita Fire Department. The award committee at the Wichita Fire Department sent in some of his truly exceptional dedications, we have included some excerpts below.  

“It is with great pleasure we nominate Firefighter Shawn Hayes for the F1rst Responder Bowl. Firefighter Hayes has clearly distinguished himself as an exceptional member of the Wichita fire Department; willing to go above and beyond the standard expected in his duties.? He has constantly, and without fail, demonstrated what it is to truly be a member of Wichita’s Bravest. He serves not only the community but also those he works alongside, with the highest esteem. Firefighter Hayes consistently has a positive and enthusiastic attitude which is contagious and often emulated by his peers. His commitment to bettering himself and representing the WFD in high regard is infectious and makes others also want to improve. 

Firefighter Hayes is a critical member of Rescue Company 1 where he has excelled and is highly relied upon and respected by his superiors. One admirable example would be his commitment to the Technical Rescue Team and his desire to improve himself and his fellow crew members on multiple levels. In 2020, the Special Operations Division began the extensive and strenuous task of revamping and improving certain areas and disciplines within the team. One of those areas was a complete overhaul of the dive program under the direction of Battalion Chief Winton. Due to the extremely dangerous nature of “black water diving,” it was necessary to bring the Rescue Company up to speed on the latest techniques and equipment. Firefighter Hayes volunteered for this daunting task without hesitation. In 2021, he began training to be a dive master and quickly obtained his Dive Master certification through PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructor).? He then quickly began studying to obtain his Dive Instructor Certification through Dive Rescue International for Public Safety. This is an extremely high-intensity program that includes hundreds of hours of pre-work before attending the classes. In addition, he trains new dive team members to obtain their First Responder Dive Certifications per NFPA standards, maintains dive equipment, and helps with training including working on new standard operating procedures all Rescue dive members adhere to. Firefighter Hayes provides continuing education hours to current dive team members and commands dive operations at alarm scenes.  

Firefighter Hayes is no stranger to rescues both in water and on land.? Firefighter Hayes was involved in a swift-water rescue where it was reported there was a person inside a submerged vehicle in the middle of the river.? Firefighter Hayes geared up in full swift-water gear with his equipment and proceeded out to the vehicle in frigid water, where he found an occupant in the driver’s seat. He proceeded to remove the occupant from the car then drag and swam the patient to the river bank where emergency crew members were staged.? The patient, who was on leave from the military, was transported to the hospital in critical condition. With the quick actions from Firefighter Hayes, the patient was able to make a full recovery, returning to active duty within days of being submerged in ice-cold water.  

Firefighter Hayes’ career is definitely not limited to the water though, his career has involved multiple civilian rescues from fires as well.? Some of his rescues include an intentionally set mobile home fire in which the citizen was suffering a mental health crisis and was attempting suicide.? Upon entry, Firefighter Hayes encountered heavy smoke conditions but managed to find the patient who was coherent but screaming at and fighting the crew.? Firefighter Hayes and his Lieutenant were able to rescue the patient from the structure. The citizen survived despite her injuries. 

 ?Firefighter Hayes’ most intense rescue occurred in 2020.? As a member of Rescue 1, Hayes responded first due to a house fire with a report of people trapped.? On arrival Engine 4 reported heavy fire showing from the home and an aggressive search of the structure was immediately performed.? On entry, Hayes described conditions as “thick dirty smoke, zero visibility with high heat conditions.”? Firefighter Hayes made contact with a victim approximately 10 feet inside the bedroom door.? He reported he had a victim, then began to drag her to the exit as Engine 4 was keeping the fire in check to protect the search crew and victim.? Once the victim was outside the house, Firefighter Hayes and the members of Rescue 1 began life-saving measures until the patient could be transferred by EMS.? Following the transfer of the patient to EMS, he and the members of Rescue 1 reentered the structure to finish their primary search for additional victims. ?The efforts resulted in the patient surviving her injuries.?  

In February 2021, Firefighter Hayes was again involved in the rescue of a citizen from a house fire.? An occupant reported there was someone inside but would not give specific information as to where in the structure the victim was located.? Firefighter Hayes and the crew of Rescue 1 assumed search and began working to locate the victim.? The home was an excessive storage house with thick smoke throughout.? Since the fire was located in the front room, Firefighter Hayes along with members of Rescue 1, had to overcome extreme conditions to begin their search of the bedrooms.? Hayes found the victim inside a bedroom and was able to drag her to safety.? Unfortunately, the victim passed away from her injuries despite the all-out effort given by Rescue 1 crew.? Firefighter Hayes was directly involved in the success of a wind-driven fire March 29, 2021, during off-duty hours, when a fire broke out in a duplex near his home. Hayes responded to the alarm and assisted E16 by pulling a 5” supply line and stretching it over 200’ to a hydrant. He utilized his leadership skills by encouraging several civilians to assist him in this task. Firefighter Hayes then assisted the on-scene Battalion Chief in the command vehicle by keeping track of assigned units during the fire.? 

Firefighter Hayes is also involved in multiple fire schools including Wichita Hands-on Training and Labette County Fire School. His non-wavering commitment to serving others and selflessness, doing so with integrity and honor, sets him apart. ?Firefighter Hayes’ distinguished and exemplary actions are why he is being nominated for the F1rst Responder Bowl. 

Firefighter Hayes came in second place, and we are so proud! SERVPRO Corporate is awarding him a trophy and providing tickets and a hotel room for him to attend the bowl game and enjoy himself. SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita will be partnering with the Wichita Fire Department to put on a celebration to acknowledge this amazing award. Here at SERVPRO being involved with our local First Responders is extremely important to us and we are so excited to have a local Firefighter represent Wichita at the bowl game.  

Woofstock 2021

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

two dogs in front of a servpro tent at event Cash and Zoey love tagging along to our events!

Here at SERVPRO our dogs are like family, and we all have a special place in our hearts for the dogs that might not have their special home yet. That is why we love supporting the Kansas Humane Society and their amazing event, Woofstock.

Woofstock is the Kansas Humane Societies largest individual fundraiser that helps them provide care for over 16,000 animals every year. This event is family-friendly and dog-friendly, and they always have wonderful live music, food trucks, vendors, freebies, and games. My favorite event each year is the costume contest, there is just something about seeing a dog dressed as a taco that brings me joy.  This year was the 25th anniversary and they went all out. It’s amazing to see the time and thought that goes into these events.

SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita is happy to have been a sponsor and we can’t wait for next year!

SERVPRO at Picklepalooza 2021

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

the lucky leprechaun at Wichita's picklepalooza Pat the Lucky Leprechaun loves to come by the events SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita gets involved in!

Senior Services is a private nonprofit which helps people aged 55 and older continue to be independent and living in their own homes with the proper support and services. Senior Services provides many programs in the Wichita area including, senior employment opportunities, meals on wheels, roving pantry, and in-home support services. SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita has been involved in the Meals on Wheels program for the last year. Michael and Rodeana deliver meals to the seniors on their route every Monday.

The Meals on Wheels program provides a delivered, hot, nutritious meal to homebound people aged 60+ each weekday. More than just a meal, the program provides a friendly, familiar face at the doors of homebound people every day, Michael and Rodeana have built lasting relationships and look forward to seeing their seniors each week.

This year Senior Services put on an amazing event, Picklepalooza. This event was one of the largest fundraisers for Senior Services, as it supports all their major programs in Wichita, like Meals on Wheels, Roving Pantry, Senior Employment program and more. Picklepalooza is a community festival celebrating the love for all things pickleball, this sport has been a part of Senior Services for many years as they were one of the first places to play pickleball in Wichita. SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita got involved and we were a court sponsor as well as had a team play for this incredible event.

Senior Services of Wichita is currently seeking volunteers to deliver meals.  At the peak of the pandemic, they were so happy to have numerous people step up.  This year because of many events and just life being rescheduled from the pandemic they have lost a lot of volunteers.   Most days they have 10 - 20 open routes with staff members taking up to 3 at a time.  If you are interested in getting involved, please put in your application using this link!

St. Patrick's Day Parade!

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

Two Leprechauns Celebrating St. Patricks Day These Leprechaun's won't give you gold but they will give you excellent restoration services which is worth it's weight in gold.

In 1871 Thomas Butler, an Irish priest, wrote a pamphlet encouraging Irish people to move to Kansas. This pamphlet described life on the prairie, the benefits of Kansas’s climate and the well-established Irish communities in Kansas (especially Leavenworth). At the time Britain and by extension Ireland were going through a depression which may have increased the allure of the sunflower state to potential immigrants. Whatever the reason might be Kansas and Wichita are absolutely brimming with Irish folk and St. Patrick’s Day is a bit of a celebration. 

Our owner Patrick Butler was born in Ireland and moved to Wichita, KS in 1989. Later on he started Wichita’s first SERVPRO in 2001 and not just because SERVPRO’s famous green, white and orange color scheme was similar to the Irish flag. The Delano St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been going on for 14 years and once again SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita is participating in the parade and bringing the leprechauns. We’ve done it several times and always had a blast seeing Wichita come out a celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day and what is typically the beginning of spring weather.   

The parade is this Saturday. March 14, 20202, starting at 12:00 but you may want to get there a bit earlier since most of the time the streets are packed! The parade route is Douglas & McLean to Douglas & Walnut. Come on out enjoy a great day and great atmosphere in Delano. Take a look at last years parade here!

SERVPRO at Woofstock 2017!

11/14/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO heroes rocking the booth at Woofstock in Sedgwick County Park! Great pups, great people and a great event! Come on down next year!

Almost everyone who works here at SERVPRO of Northeast Wichita has a dog and everyone here loves them. For the third year in a row we had the opportunity to take part in one of our favorite events in Wichita: Woofstock 2017! It was a great time where we met a ton of great people and great puppers. The overwhelming community support for the animals was truly moving and the fact that everyone had fun while raising over $250,000 dollars speaks to both how great an event Woofstock is and how much compassion is in Wichita residents.

The money we raise will help the more than 16,000 dogs, cats, and little critters that come through the Kansas Humane Society’s doors. The Kansas Humane Society does not receive any kind of federal, state or local government funding and relies entirely on private donations and fees for services they provide.

We have been doing restoration in the Wichita, Derby, and Andover area for 16 years and in that time we have been in many homes and businesses and met many companions and pets. We see first hand how they provide so much comfort and love for people and us them. We just wanted to say thank you to Kansas for caring about these little critters as much as we do!

How SERVPRO is Helping Wichita’s Fire Safety.

7/26/2017 (Permalink)

We have smoke detectors that will last 10 years ready to be installed for free for anyone who needs them in the Wichita, Derby, and Andover areas!

After working in Wichita, Andover and Derby for 17 years we know that bad things can happen to good people. Flooded basements, electrical fires, health problems possibly caused by mold growth. As Ben Franklin said "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" which is why we want to help you be ready for whatever happens.

The American Red Cross has been a beacon of hope for those in need since 1881. That’s why SERVPRO is proud to be national partners with the American Red Cross and have dedicated our time and resources to the Disaster Responder partnership program which seeks to educate people on disaster preparedness, raise money for supplies to support those struck by disaster, and engage our Wichita community in hoping for the best but planning for the worst. This partnership is not only at the national level, but here at the local level as well! Here in Wichita we have installed many smoke detectors in the homes of people who need them and are looking for more homes to help in.

Here are some fire prevention and safety tips provided by the American Red Cross:

Cook safely:

  • Always keep an eye on food that is frying, grilling, or broiling
  • Keep flammable materials away from the stove
  • Use a timer to remind you that food is cooking

Smoke Alarms:

  • Install smoke alarms on every floor of your home
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke alarm at least once a yearor if it starts chirping (which is a warning that the battery is low)
  • Press the test button regularly to make sure your smoke alarm is functioning properly
  • Talk with your children about smoke alarms, what they sound like and how to respond when they hear one

Escape Plan:

  • Always have an escape plan ready between you and your family
  • Know of two ways to escape every room in your home
  • Make sure your family knows a meeting place outside of the home
  • Practice your escape plan at least twice a year
  • Teach your family about STOP, DROP, AND ROLL if their clothes were to catch fire

In the Event of a Fire:

  • Get out, stay out, and call 911
  • Always crawl low to the ground, under smoke
  • If closed door handled are warm to the touch, do not open it,use your second way out of room
  • If your exits are blocked in by smoke or fire, stay in the room with the door closed, placing a wet towel under the door and call 911. Open the window and wave a brightly colored colored cloth or flashlight to signal for help

If you know anyone who could use a new smoke detector as well as disaster preparedness materials and information give us a call. Whether it be an elderly person who can't physically monitor their smoke detectors or a young family who can't afford new smoke detectors or anyone else (seriously everyone qualifies) we would like to help them absolutely free. Even though we get paid to clean up after disasters we would rather not see them happen at all in the city we love so much. 

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